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None, No Drill Holes
Drill Holes Only, No Hardware
Stainless Steel 1" Standoffs, with Drill Holes
Aluminum Museum Wall Mount
French Cleat Wood Blocks
French Cleat Metal Z-Clips
None, no Drill Holes
None, with Drill Holes Only
French Cleat Wood Blocks
Aluminum Museum Wall Mount
Small Standoffs with Drill Holes; 1/2" Diameter & 3/4" Barrel Length [AL12-25A]
Medium Standoffs with Drill Holes; 3/4" Diameter & 3/4" Barrel Length [AL19-25A]
Large Standoffs with Drill Holes; 7/8" Diameter & 3/4" Barrel Length [AL22-25A]
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Frosted Acrylic Direct is 1/4" thickness provides both stability and flexibility, allowing for easy handling and mounting options. The frosted surface diffuses light, reducing glare and creating a soft, even illumination that enhances readability. This method provides durability and scratch- resistance as the ink bonds directly with the surface, making the print resistant to wear and tear. With a thickness of 1/8," this material strikes a balance between durability and flexibility, making it ideal for various projects requiring both sturdiness and adaptability.